Stallion AI service


Go to the online order form for the frozen semen processing and delivery service:

Stallion AI prices are as follows for 2024 (prices subject to VAT@20%):

Frozen Semen Distribution Service UK (NOT including Northern Ireland)

Processing and handling of semen (per stallion) £100 + VAT
Next day delivery service £80 + VAT

Next day delivery before noon delivery service    Please call for information
Next day delivery before 10.30am delivery service   Please call for information
Next day delivery before 9.00am delivery service   Please call for information

Saturday delivery   Please call for information

Northern Ireland & Scottish Highlands delivery   Please call for information

For a UK Shipment:
The total cost would be £180.00 + VAT (This includes the processing & handling fee & the carriage of the tank (TNT –next day service)


The Storage & Distribution Unit operates 7.00 am – 5.00 pm, 7 day a week.


We can normally dispatch the semen within 24 hours of written order been given.
But please allow three working days for the semen to be packed and dispatched.

To be able to release any semen we require written confirmation (fax or email) from the semen owner.

Please include the following details:
- Name of stallion
- How many doses you require us to send
- Name, address & telephone number where the semen is to be delivered
- Name, address & telephone of the person who will be paying the bill

Export Shipping Quote

TRACES Health Certificate - £170.00 per stallion (please allow up to 7 days for this to be processed)
Hire of Tank (standard size) - £150.00
Processing and Handling - £120.00 per stallion
Transit – TBC, this will depend on the airport the semen is traveling to for clearance.
We will be able to fully quote once we have spoken to your import agent.

Shipping tank to be returned DHL economy service return only – shippers returned via express service will incur an additional fee.

Total - £TBC; will be confirmed once carriage has been calculated.

N.B. Please note payments made via bank transfer outside the UK will incur an international bank transfer charge - £15.00
(this fee is only payable if paying by bank transfer, payments made on debit card will not incur this charge)
Debit/credit card payments can be made over the phone on 01948 666295.
Company/Business Credit Cards will be charged at a rate of 2.45%
All shipments must be paid for in full with cleared funds prior to shipping

**Please note that your semen is not insured by Stallion AI Services Ltd or Cryogenetics Ltd whilst on centre or in transit, if you require additional insurance cover this should be obtained prior to shipping.
Stallion AI Services Ltd and Cryogenetics Ltd hold no responsibility for shipping errors, misrouting, or mistreatment of the dry shipper by the shipping company, which might result in damages to the frozen semen **

Important Post Brexit Changes

From 1st January 2021, the UK left the EU.
Following this, a number of important changes are now applicable to semen exports and imports between the UK and the EU.

Import Tax

From 1st January 2021, VAT is no longer applicable to semen export fees when shipping to the EU.
As such, the quote above does not include VAT and you will not pay VAT to Stallions AI Services/ Cryogenetics Ltd when paying your semen shipping invoice.
Instead, import tax is payable by the importing party upon arrival of the goods in the destination EU country.
The import tax fee will be requested from the courier transporting the shipment.
The import tax rate applied will depend upon the destination country’s tax rate for frozen equine semen and the stated goods value of the semen.
The goods value will be listed in accordance with the semen purchase price.

A copy of the semen purchase invoice will therefore be requested from the stallion owner/ original semen owner as part of the export application process.
It is important that the importing party is aware of the tax rate and tax fee ahead of the semen entering the destination country.
The shipment will not be released by the courier until the tax is paid.

Stallion AI Services / Cryogenetics Ltd accept no liability for issues relating to the import tax.
It is the responsibility of the semen purchaser to determine the tax rate and final tax fee that will be applied ahead of the goods being sent.

Import Agent / CHED P Generation

Post Brexit, a CHED P is now needed for semen to enter the EU.
The CHED-P is issued by the operators responsible for the consignment when in the EU – i.e. the mare owner / person we are shipping to.
The purpose of the CHED is to pre-notify the competent authorities of the border control post (BCP) of the arrival of the consignment (Part I),
for the competent authorities to record the outcome of official controls performed and any decisions taken on that basis (Part II),
for the competent authorities to include information on follow-up measures taken on the consignment after a decision has been taken (Part III).

The CHED P must be generated in advance of the shipment leaving the semen shipping centre
i.e. the CHED P must be in place by at least the day before the shipment leaves the shipping centre.

You will need to find an import agent to help with the clearance of the semen, please contact us if you are struggling as we do work with a few agents.

Full details on the CHED PP and how to generate can be found here -

CHED P generation.

You must liaise with us as the semen shipping centre to co-ordinate the generation of the CHED P in line with the generation of the health paper and ahead of the semen shipping.

Pre-Clearance of Health Papers

Based on progress with current exports and the advice of DEFRA, we are now asking for the export health papers to be pre-cleared by the border control post ahead of the shipment leaving.
This is to ensure that they are happy with the documents before the shipment leaves to reduce the chance of delays in clearance through customs.
This pre-clearance will need to be co-ordinated by the mare owner and Import agent alongside the generation of the CHED P.

Additional Information Needed from The Semen Purchaser
In addition to the full shipping address, we now also require the following information from the semen purchaser in order to facilitate your frozen semen export;

• Name, address and full contact details of the importing party
• EORI number of the importing party
• Approval number of the final destination address if applicable.

This information must be provided in full before we can start your semen export.

We will also be requesting a copy of the semen purchase invoice between yourself and the original semen owner / stallion owner.
This information is used to value the goods on the shipment commercial invoice and is therefore used as the basis for the import tax invoice payable in the destination country.

Importing Party

In accordance with the import tax described above, it is now important for semen purchasers to consider who they list as the importing party.
The importing party will be detailed on the semen health paper and commercial invoice.
Whoever is chosen for this listing will be the person/ party that are contacted for the import tax payment.

It is therefore the responsibility of the semen purchaser to ensure they have selected the correct importing party and that the importing party is fully aware that they will be contacted to pay for the import tax and that the goods will not be released until full payment is made.

The importing party can be the semen purchaser themselves, a semen agent or the final destination shipping address if this is prior agreed and authorised with the semen agent or final destination shipping address.

EORI Registered Importing Party

To facilitate transit through customs, the importing party should be EORI registered (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number).

Using an importing party that is not EORI registered is likely to result in the shipment experiencing significant delays in transit and processing through customs.

It is therefore strongly recommended that the chosen importing party is EORI registered to assist with faster transit of the frozen semen shipment.

Stallion AI Services / Cryogenetics Ltd cannot accept any liability for any delays or shipping errors/ failures relating to the importing party EORI registration.

It is the responsibility of the semen purchaser to ensure the importing party is correctly EORI registered and therefore able to accept the shipment via new systems post BREXIT.